About Us

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by!  We are so excited to be up and running, and to have a place for you all to check out what's happening at SHIFT.  


A small but mighty team of she-powered entrepreneurs felt the time was right to reintroduce the art of retail to downtown Flint. The Capitol Theater was renovated, the corner space at 2nd Street and Harrison was available and…VOILA!  SHIFT is a unique shopping venue specializing in distinctive items you can’t find locally.  We are so proud to be here, and we are so excited to offer a shopping experience that's a little different from those big stores.  We specialize in womens clothing and accessories, however we have also curated a great mens, kids, and homewares collection!  

Come and SHIFT with us!


Last book read - When life gives you Lululemons.
Never Fails To Cheer Me Up - CHIPS & SALSA!
Fav Thing To Do When Not Working - Slap high fives with fun people and do fun stuff!


Favorite Quote - "If you've got a problem, yo I'll solve it!"
Biggest Pet Peeve - Boastfulness
Superhero Power - I can multi-task like lightning!


Favorite Tom Hanks movie - Splash
What makes your heart rate speed up - CHRISTMAS! I love the cheesy songs, the decorations, the crabby crowds, the trees and the whole Sha-bang!
Cheat day meal - Halo Burger QP with Olives & Boston cooler